Tuesday, April 22, 2014

back to blogging (and maybe trying out youtube?)

Well hello again! It's been quite some time hasn't it? I'm not exactly sure what happened - I guess I just wasn't feeling very inspired haha There wasn't much going on for a bit, but then all of a sudden there was and everything got a bit too busy to have time to blog! But now things have settled down and it's time get back into the swing of blogging, although we do have some catching up to do, so here is a quick run down of the biggest things that have happened in recently:

1.) We adopted two little puppies, which are adorable yet such a handful! Their names are Button & Zipper and they are a ridiculous little duo. I would have loved to include a few photos but with them always running around it's pretty tough to get a decent photo. I will try to get a few soon!

2.) I went a flippin' amazing trip to London - I won't get too into it right now because I plan on doing a separate post on it soon, but I will include a few quick photos:

3.) When in London, I got my first tattoo! I haven't taken any decent photos of it yet, but again, I plan on making a proper post about it and the overall experience so expect some photos in the near future.

4.) I have officially accepted my offer to study Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England! And to repeat myself once more, a post about this is soon to come.

5.) I've been thinking about it and I have decided that I'm going to start filming YouTube videos! I figure that I love watching them so much so I may as well try my hand at making my own. I plan on it being an extension of this blog, so truly they're won't be any main topic - it'll just be a random collection of things that interest me and make me happy, and hopefully interest and make other people happy!

Anyways, that's the quickest and simplest run down I can do of what's been going on during my little blog hiatus. Now it's time to catch some shut eye, so until next time - toodles! xoxo

What have you lot been up to? Any fun stories to share?

Friday, January 24, 2014

new favorite tinted moisturizer

Ever since I first started wearing makeup, Benefit's "You Rebel" Tinted Moisturizer has been my favorite foundation type makeup. I have tried many other tinted moisturizers, BB creams and liquid foundations, but all left me feeling too cakey or irritated my skin, so I always just went back to "You Rebel". It's a great product, as are nearly all the products I've tried from Benefit, yet it did leave some things to be desired. So although it was my favorite, I still kept my options open, hoping for an affordable tinted moisturizer ("You Rebel" is a bit on the pricey side) that would leave my skin feeling fresh and light, and ultimately was cruelty-free. And now I am so extremely pleased to say I have found it!

I had heard amazing things about The Balm's products - rave reviews about their price, quality, packaging and the fact that they are cruelty-free, so I decided it was time to check them out. To say I'm glad I did is such an understatement. Balm Shelter leaves my skin looking evenly-toned, fresh and very natural. Most of the cruelty-free tinted moisturizers I found online were pretty pricey and had mixed reviews, so it was pretty easy choosing to try out the Balm Shelter over all those others.

If you're in the market for a new tinted-moisturizer or want to try a change from heavy foundations, I would highly recommend trying out this amazing product! I know that I will definitely be trying out some of their other products - The Balm has just gained another adoring customer.

What's your favorite tinted-moisturizer?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

my long weekend

I don't think I can even put into words how amazing it feels to be cuddled up in bed, blogging with this amazing song playing in the background. Today was a pretty long and tiring day, but somehow it was really great - nothing notable happened yet it was still a great day because everything just went smoothly, and I don't know! I decided it was going to be a good day so it was! I'm thinking about making a post about staying positive and turning bad days into good days, but it's one of those posts that I really have to take time with y'know?

But anyways, enough of my scattered thoughts! This past weekend was a long weekend (although I worked Sunday evening), because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I won't go too much into that, although I will say that MLK Jr. was a human being with beautiful ideas who took brave actions to make the world a better place, and I only hope he is proud of how far we've come, and also confident that we will continue progress in ensuring equality for every being on this earth!
{Ohgosh, again I go on a mini tangent!}
This weekend was filled with family celebrations, puppy kisses and getting shit doooone. On Saturday we celebrated my brother's graduation. I am so immensely proud of him and I know he will do great things, like he's been doing all along. It was great hanging with my cousins - they are seriously the best people on this planet, but silly me, I forgot to take pictures! The entire time I was telling myself to snap some shots, but I must admit that I was distracted by the delicious food and my cousins' hilariousness.
On Sunday my family and I went out to visit a family friend who has puppies and ohmywooooord, there is no happier place on earth than sitting on the grass with adorable puppies running all around! We've been looking for two puppies to welcome to our family, one that will be a small lap dog and one that will grow into a macho man to go running and hiking with me, and I am so so so ecstatic to announce that we have find our teeny new family member:

This little cutie will be joining our fambam in about 2 weeks and I can barely contain my excitement! We've also gotten news that a few puppies that will be large dogs will soon be available for adoption so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll find my new buddy soon.

After that we all went out for froyo and if you know me, you know I can't help but take pornographic photos of frozen yogurt:

Like cooome on, who doesn't love frozen yogurt?!

Oh and something really strange happened…

My brother saw Harry Styles and said hi and all that… like what? HUH?!

Monday consisted of all that "getting shit done", like cleaning my room, dealing with college stuff and washing my disgustingly filthy car (my cat decided to like flippin' tap dance on my windshield with muddy little paws).

Sooo that was my long weekend! It was a great weekend that led into a great start to my week and I plan on making the rest of the week just as wonderful!
Now it's time to get some rest so goodnight xoxo

How has your week been so far? Any great news or big plans for the coming weekend?

Monday, January 13, 2014

baby alien incubators

That title will soon make sense, just bear with me for a bit!
Today my friend Jacky and I decided to go for a little hike which then, much to my pleasure, turned into a somewhat long hike up the hills around our house. We didn't actually make it all the way up the mountain/hill/thingy, because Jacky's evil shoes started to give her blisters - curse having to break in running shoes! Although we didn't get all the way up, we did have a few interesting explorations on our hike. Like for instance, this car that seemed to somehow fall into a dried up ravine ages ago:

We spent a few minutes contemplating what could have possibly happened and kind of let our imaginations get carried away, but it was nothing compared to what we thought of some mysterious boxes on top of a little hill. Which now brings me to why I titled this post "baby alien incubators"! Being the complete sci-fi nut I am, I immediately began to think up crazy ideas for what could be in the boxes when we happened upon them. I let my curiosity get the best of me as I sprinted up the hill to investigate, and Jacky waited at the bottom - a very smart decision I would now say, because on top of that hill were countless bees, all swarming around their BEE HIVES. And as crazy as it sounds, I would have preferred baby aliens to thousands upon thousands of bees! You would not believe how quickly I got down that hill - I even slipped a few times! But thankfully I made it down safely and we were soon back on to the rest of our hike.

After coming home and freshening up, we walked to a little restaurant that we visited before and I think we'll probably be visiting a lot more in the future. We even deemed a table ours. It's been really windy here in LA for the last few days (damn Santa Ana winds), but it was still really lovely to sit outside and have a nice lunch. And I was quite surprised to see that this place had a veggie burger:

All in all it was a great day of exploring, catching up and hanging out with my wonderful sistah-from-anotha-mistah. But now I am quite pooped from my morning hike and I think it's time that I get some rest. So goodnight and goodbye xoxo

Which would you prefer to stumble upon: a field of bee hives or a field of baby alien incubators? If only I could have stumbled upon a field of cute European boys...

Friday, January 10, 2014

back on track

Well these past few weeks have been a complete bust in terms of keeping up my blog and keeping up with working out. I have seriously been such a lump! I did a lot better with working out compared to blogging, but still, it is definitely time to get myself back on track.
I was thinking of doing a big collective post with pictures from Christmas and New Year's and everything that's happened over the last few weeks, but honestly it would be way too long to catch my blog up to the present time. Although I won't show everything, I do have pictures from one fun thing I did!
My brother David's gift to me for Christmas was a voucher to go on a helicopter tour with him and ohmygosh it was so amazing! Riding in a helicopter has been on my bucket list for a while now and it's really awesome to be able to check it off my list (now it's on to skydiving and bungee jumping). I took my camera to snap a few pictures but truth be told, it's really hard to capture what it felt like with a camera. I chose some of the best yet I still feel like they do no justice for the amazing sights we saw!

We toured a bit over the city and then went out to the coast as well - it's insane how quickly we got out to the ocean! Usually it's a decent drive to take a trip to the beach but it was only a few minutes before we were souring over the Santa Monica Pier.

The tour was such a brilliant experience and I am so thankful that my wonderful brother took me.

There should be a few more exciting events coming up within the next months or so, and with my new goal of staying on top of blogging, I'll be sure to post all about them.

Now I have to go get ready for work - I have a closing shift tonight. EW. But I have tomorrow off so it's all good. Anyways, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and your New Year has started off great! xoxo

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

presents & pizza toast

I've had these last two days off from work and ohmygosh it has been so wonderful! Lately I've only been getting one day off a week so having two days in a row has been pure bliss for me - I've had really great and long workouts (usually I workout before leaving for work so I have to keep it to a maximum of 1 hour long), caught up on all the series and YouTube videos I had been putting aside, and completed tons of things on my to-do list. I know most people like to use their days off by going out and socializing, but I am definitely the type that enjoys using my days off as "me time". Every now and then I absolutely love going out, but as of lately I've just been so pooped from work that staying home in sweats and watching Netflix sounds peeerfecto to me, which is what I plan on doing right after this post goes up - I'm going to watch the documentary "Blackfish" - I'm pretty sure I'll be an emotional wreck after…animal documentaries always tear me up.

Anyways, one main task I have been working is wrapping all the Christmas gifts for my friends and family. I still have a few I have to make/get together, but I am nearly done. And now that my parents are home from their little holiday, we'll be getting our tree and all those wrapped presents will have a place to live until they're torn open on Christmas!

 I honestly think the best thing about Christmas, besides getting time to spend with family, is seeing people smile when they open your gift to them. Does anyone else get super nervous those few seconds before the person you gave a gift to opens it?!

So since I've just finished a late lunch, I am now going to go watch "Blackfish" and finish wrapping presents, but I thought I'd show you this delicious creation I had for lunch:

Pizza toast = my one true love. It's a really simple recipe that's great for when you want a quick meal that really satisfies that craving for something warm and tasty! I had been craving pizza like mad but I don't really like to eat pizza all that often, so I wanted to find a better option. This is what I came up with! I just take a piece of whole wheat sourdough toast and spread about a tablespoon of tomato sauce. I sprinkle just a small amount of cheese (all I really want is the flavor, so I don't need to cover the whole thing in cheese - it's all about moderation!) and top it all off with about half a cup of chopped spinach. It's not the healthiest thing in the world but it's definitely not horrible either - like I said, it's about moderation and eating what makes your body feel energized and healthy!

But that's enough about my delicious pizza toast. I am off to wrap up some gifts and possibly bawl over a killer whale documentary - bye for now xoxo

Have you finished all your Christmas gift prepping? Or do you still have some last minute gifts to buy?

Friday, December 13, 2013

my favorite christmas movies

Last night I was folding some laundry and I popped on the television just to help things feel like they're moving a bit faster (anyone else feel like background noise, whether it be music of the television, helps with finishing chores?) and ended up catching the tail end of Love Actually, one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies! It was only just then that I realized how near Christmas is! I've been somewhat in the Christmas spirit, putting decorations up and buying presents for my friends and family, but I hadn't really gotten into the spirit mentally, if that even makes sense. Watching even just a bit of Love Actually made me so astoundingly excited for Christmas and now I thought I'd share with you guys my favorite holiday movies, which I will definitely be watching leading up to the 25th.

Eloise at Christmastime is probably my number one favorite Christmas movie - I watch it every year without fail. I even have it saved on DVR so I can watch it when ever I want! There's just something so uplifting and positive about it. I can't help but laugh and smile each time I watch it. The same goes for Polar Express, which appeals a bit more to my childish side and always leaves me thinking "Hmm, what if Santa could exist? What if he DOES exist?!" - you have to admit, everyone thinks it every now and again around this time of year.
Love Actually and The Holiday appeal to my more romantic side and never cease to make me smile and just absolutely love love! Even though I watched part of Love Actually last night, I may have to watch the entire film sometime next week… you can never have too much Christmas spirit!

Now it's time to get dressed and go out to run some errands before work. I recently received a parcel with my order from Vitacost, filled with all-natural, vegan-friendly skin care products. I've been trying them out these last few days so you can expect a review up on the blog soon. But until then, ciao! xoxo

Are any of my favorite Christmas movies yours as well? What movie always gets you in the spirit?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

getting in to the christmas spirit!

Today I had the day off from work so I ran a few errands and crossed a few things of my to-do list, the most fun being decorating my room all Christmas-y! Even sitting here in bed and looking over at my little Christmas tree on my bookshelf gets me so excited!

I also put a few more little festive touches on my room, but I think what will really finish it off is hanging some pretty fairy lights around! I've never done it before but I absolutely adore how they look in pictures on Tumblr and such. I'll try it out this weekend and see if I like it.

Anyways, it's time to catch some z's so goodnight, lovely xoxo

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

groovy nights & losing my voice

Looks like I fell behind with blogging again, but this time when I say I'm getting back on track, I mean it! I'm finally feeling better (although my voice still sounds like I smoke ten packs of cigarettes a day) and I finally got all my applications into the universities, so now my free time is truly free time.
And since I now have free time I thought I should share a bit about my birthday, which was this past Saturday. I actually share my birthday with my brother, or technically he shares it with me since I was born on his 6th birthday, so we had a joint birthday party with a few friend and family members. Most of my close friends were back in town and it was just so lovely seeing these wonderful ladies again:

~~ Oh, forewarning: All of these pictures have been made into collages, otherwise if they were on their own they'd automatically be blown up because of my blog settings and you'd see the horrible quality… so enjoy these collages! ~~

The party was disco/80's themed although barely anyone dressed up… am I the only one who totally loves dressing up for themed events?! I love the whole process of planning my outfit and thinking of how to do my hair! I really like my outfit and how my hair came out, but it was definitely one of those outfits that look great when you look in the mirror but then when you look back at pictures… ohgosh.

Anyways, I had a great time with my friends and family and I am proud to say I am 19 years old now! It doesn't feel much different from being 18 to be honest - I guess no huge change will really occur again till I'm 21. That's when the fun can (legally) begin.

Now it's time to get some sleep because sadly, I still have a case of the sniffles so my body needs some good rest. Goodnight you wonderful people xoxo

How have you been these past few days? Do you have any exciting plans for the upcoming weekend?

Friday, November 29, 2013


Well hello again! Long time no… type? Blog? Read? Are we technically talking if I'm just typing and you're just reading? Well, whatever, that is not the point - the point is I'm finally back to blogging, but it's not really for the greatest reason. I stayed home today because I am feeling like an absolute wreck. My nose is stuffed up and my throat feels like I swallowed a cactus, which is not good at all considering that my birthday and birthday party are tomorrow! Since I just really wanted to nip this thing in the bud I thought it'd be best to stay home from work and just give my body a day to fight this. So I've been sipping on tea and taking vitamin C all day as I watch the Harry Potter Marathon on ABC Family - it is an absolute must every year around Thanksgiving. Speaking of, Thanksgiving yesterday was so wonderful! Now that I think about it, it's probably my favorite holiday because it's during my favorite season and it's a day all about giving thanks for the people in your life and just life in general. It's such a happy and positive day and it just really makes you realize how grateful you should be for all the amazing opportunities, people and events in your life.

I got a few pictures yesterday of the set-up my brother David and I did for the tables, as well as some pictures of the food and some photos I stole from my mom's iPad:
This little round table is the table I sit at with three of my cousins - it's sort of a little tradition we started a while back. Every time my family hosts Thanksgiving at our house, this little table must be set up for my cousins and I!

This is the "Parents' Table" - anybody else have one of those at their Thanksgiving dinners? Oh, and check out my expert napkin folding! I am always in charge of folding napkins - it is one of my random skills.

This was the wondrous spread of food! I couldn't eat the two main dishes (turkey and ham) but I didn't feel left out at all - my mom bought me a little Tofurky to try and she made sure to make the stuffing and gravy with veggie stock, so I was super thankful for that, because gravy is seriously the superstar of Thanksgiving dinner.

Drool. Worthy. You see that beautiful cranberry sauce? Yeah, I made that. No biggie.

And here's a random photo of my family! My mom corralled us all into this little corner, possibly the worst spot for a family picture, but we laughed a lot trying to get at least one decent picture!

All in all, this year's Thanksgiving was one of the best so far, despite the fact that our water heater broke the night before and I am now sick! But truly, nothing could really get me down right now - I have an amazing family that I spent a great Thanksgiving with and tomorrow I'll be celebrating my birthday, as well as my brother's birthday, tomorrow night!

Now I'm going to finish watching Harry Potter and try to get an early night. Hopefully I'm back to feeling 100% tomorrow so I can dance and party all night with my friends and family!

I hope you all had wonderful a Thanksgiving, and if you don't celebrate it, well I hope you still had a delicious dinner last night haha Before I go, I thought I'd just say a big thank you for checking out my blog - hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.
Anyways, goodbye for now xoxo

What are you thankful for - whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, we all have amazing things in our life to be thankful for, right?